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Mandy Bujold was born in Cobourg, Ontario. Moving to the Maritimes, she spent her childhood in Moncton, New Brunswick. As a teenager, her family moved to Kitchener, Ontario, attending Forest Heights and calling Waterloo Region her home. It was in Kitchener that Mandy began her boxing career at the young age of 16. She is a 10 time Canadian National Champion and is the first female boxer in history to win two gold medals at the Pan American Games. What makes these two gold medals even more impressive is that they were won back to back, first in 2011 and then defending her title in 2015. She is excited to represent Canada in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil.


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Mandy, I just read the news. You are one hell of a fighter to get into the ring against Cancan feeling the way you were. You did amazing considering the circumstances! Be proud of yourself for getting to Rio, and being an Olympian through and though - body, spirit and mind. Waterloo is proud of you!
AndrewWaterloo, Ontario

Mandy, congratulations on your performance in Rio. You showed courage and class !
Greg MurdochKitchener, Ontario

Mandy, you may recall we met at the Canadian Tire Trade show last year. I work at ACI. My family has been following you. I have two girls that are 14 and 12. We are incredibly proud of you and your courage to step in the ring despite being so sick. I shared your update with my girls/family and its really heart breaking but we are so proud of you. My girls (we) are very touched by how you have handled this with such class, determination, etc. you are truly a great role model for our kids, future athletes and Canadians. Be proud and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Lee Smith
smithoakville, on

A tragic and unfair end to your Olympic dream! Despite the lack of a medal this time, you can hold close your experience and world recognition for life.
Hold your head up high as we are all very proud of your accomplishments on the world stage. Get well, take care and safe travel to you and your family.
Gary DravesKitchener, Ontario

Despite your circumstances you still put up a great fight and that's something to be proud of. Mandy you are a champion and a great Canadian Olympian. Hope you're feeling better and looking forward to seeing you fight in full health.
Ericatoronto, ontario

Mandy Continue to experience and enjoy every moment of your dream. You've got what it takes to win and we admire your commitment, dedication and courage. Thank you for letting us be a part of your Olympic moment, it makes us all feel proud to be Canadian. You looked great out there. Feel better soon!!

JanetKitchener, ON

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Watch Mandy's Fight Live on CBC

Stay tuned in here and catch all of Mandy’s matches.  We’ll connect up to the live CBC feed on the day of each each match.

Mandy’s Milestones

Mandy’s journey to Rio is just a part of a long list of athletic achievements. Check out her roadmap of milestones and wins leading up to Rio.

2006 Ringside World Champion

2007 Canadian National Champion

2007 Continental Champion

2008 Ringside World Champion

2008 Continental Champion

2008 Canadian National Champion

2009 Ringside World Champion

2009 Canadian National Champion

2010 Continental Champion

2010 Canadian National Champion

2011 Ringside World Champion

Mandy defeated Eleanor Boden of Australia (quarterfinals), Sierra Picton of Welland Canada (semifinals) and Bernice Hernandez (finals) from Las Vegas.

2011 Pan American Games Champion - Guadalaraja

Mandy defeated Silvia Torres of Mexico (quarterfinals) 13-6, Pamela Paola Benavidez of Argentina (semifinals) 12-8, and Ingrit Valencia of Columbia (finals) 11-5.

2011 Canadian National Champion

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2012 Canadian National Champion

2013 Canadian Golden Gloves Champion

Canadian National Champion Mandy Bujold of Ontario won 3-0 against Amanda Galle of Ontario at 51kg Elite Open.

2013 Canadian National Champion

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2014 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist - Glasgow

Mandy received a Bronze medal after her fight with India’s Pink Rani.

2014 AIBA World Championship, South Korea – Top 8

2014 Canadian National Champion

2015 Pan American Games Champion - Toronto

Mandy defeated Lucy Valdivia Bravo of Peru (quarterfinals) 3-0, Ingrit Valencia of Colombia (semifinals) 2-0, and Marlen Esparza of the United States of America (finals) 2-1.

2015 Canadian National Champion

2016 Canadian National Champion

2016 Americas Continental Olympic Qualifier Champion

Mandy defeated Clara Lescurat of Argentina (quarterfinals) 3-0, Grazieli Jesus de Sousa of Brazil (semifinals), and Ingrit Valencia of Colombia (finals).

2016 Canadian Olympic Team - Rio, Brazil

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