Join Us in Wishing Mandy Luck

Mandy, I just read the news. You are one hell of a fighter to get into the ring against Cancan feeling the way you were. You did amazing considering the circumstances! Be proud of yourself for getting to Rio, and being an Olympian through and though - body, spirit and mind. Waterloo is proud of you!
AndrewWaterloo, Ontario

Mandy, congratulations on your performance in Rio. You showed courage and class !
Greg MurdochKitchener, Ontario

Mandy, you may recall we met at the Canadian Tire Trade show last year. I work at ACI. My family has been following you. I have two girls that are 14 and 12. We are incredibly proud of you and your courage to step in the ring despite being so sick. I shared your update with my girls/family and its really heart breaking but we are so proud of you. My girls (we) are very touched by how you have handled this with such class, determination, etc. you are truly a great role model for our kids, future athletes and Canadians. Be proud and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Lee Smith
smithoakville, on

A tragic and unfair end to your Olympic dream! Despite the lack of a medal this time, you can hold close your experience and world recognition for life.
Hold your head up high as we are all very proud of your accomplishments on the world stage. Get well, take care and safe travel to you and your family.
Gary DravesKitchener, Ontario

Despite your circumstances you still put up a great fight and that's something to be proud of. Mandy you are a champion and a great Canadian Olympian. Hope you're feeling better and looking forward to seeing you fight in full health.
Ericatoronto, ontario

Mandy Continue to experience and enjoy every moment of your dream. You've got what it takes to win and we admire your commitment, dedication and courage. Thank you for letting us be a part of your Olympic moment, it makes us all feel proud to be Canadian. You looked great out there. Feel better soon!!

JanetKitchener, ON

KrisElmira, Ontario

Dear Mandy,
We were so sorry to hear that you are in hospital - and you have to know that we didn't know about your ordeal when we watched the fight here - had to watch without sound because I was in a meeting. Despite that, you did your best against a formidable opponent - and we are all very proud of you.
Finding out that you dragged yourself out of hospital to compete puts you on the top of the podium in my books. You are a winner on all counts.
Minto SchneiderKitchener, ON

Tough loss....I just heard from the CBC about your showed great courage and gave it your all, that was clearly apparent in the fight right up until the last bell. You did us all proud in the boxing community back home, take a bow.....Peter and the gang at Cabbagetown.
peter wylieSt.Catharines, Ontario


Way to go girl!!!!! There are no words to express your amzing journey and brilliant achievements. Congrats to one hell of an amazing and inspirational woman. You DID IT!!!!!! Woohoooo!

Jennifer KrugerKitchener, ON

Hey Mandy, We sure are proud of you and so blessed to know you and have the chance to cheer you on! We love you!
Mark and Hannah HarmanKitchener, Ontario

Hey Mandy, wishing you a safe fight hands up chin down elbows tight!. Do us proud!!
TimToronto , Ontario

Mandy, you are one of the most inspirational women out and my gals have been cheering loud for you!!
Sending you lots of congrats and cheers from the Newsgirls!!
SavoyToronto, ON

That was a tough fight, and it sucks that your opponent kept holding you, but you kept on fighting like a champ! I'm so proud of you girl! You are a true inspiration! And now an OLYMPIAN!!! Try to enjoy the rest of your time in Rio! <3 🙂
CecyKitchener , Ontario

Great work out there Mandy. Waterloo is proud of you as an Olympian! Celebrate the experience and keep the drive to win burning within.
AndrewWaterloo, Ontario

Hey Mandy, keep your chin up. You should be so proud. Think off all that you have accomplished over the past ten years. We are all very proud of you and how hard you have worked. I know this is tough but make sure to try and enjoy the rest of the Olympic experience. You have earned it.
Chris KitchenKitchener, Ontario

We're so proud of you, Mandy! Seeing the amount of strength, determination, and humbleness that you bring to the sport has been such an inspiration. You're a household name now and in next few years, young girls across the country are going to get into boxing because of you. You've made the whole country (and all of Kitchener) proud to have you represent us - we can't wait to welcome you back as an Olympian!
Samantha EstoestaKitchener, ON

Great fight Mandy! Not sure why the judge didn't see it the same way. You deserve the Win in my opinion. Try to enjoy the rest of the games, sois fière de ta performance!
Billy CanuelQuébec, QC

Go bring some glory to His name! Psalm 18.1
Sue ArsenaultCumberland, BC

Nice work Mandy !!!! Very tough to box when the other fighter wants to hold all the time. You have made us all Proud so hold your head up and know that you are and always will be are Champion 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your time in Rio . Can't wait to see what is next for you !!!!!! Thank you for allowing us to experience this Olympics thru you !!!!!
Arnold McEwenHope, BC

Great fight Mandy!!! You knocked her down and made her bleed! We're proud! She can go back to her room and put a bandaid on that! We love you!!!!
Alicia ThomsonCambridge , Ontario

Mandy, You did great, really great. Maple leaf is proud of you Mandy!
KaiKitchener, Ontario

Mandy - we are rooting for you. You can do it !
Judith Kitchener, Ontario

Great first fight Mandy!! Excited for the next!!
TaraLion's Head, ON

Go Mandy! you got this! Canada is cheering for you!
Angela MurphyElora, ON

Good Luck Mandy. From all the walkers at the Waterloo Rec Center we are cheering you on
Glen Linda CleasbyNew Dudee , Ontario

Best of luck Mandy, proud of you, if you put your mind to it it's all yours go for gold Mandy Canada is watching you.
Brahim Jorche Halifax , NS

We are proud of you Mandy and good luck also nova Scotia proud of you go for gold Mandy and God bless you.
Tamimi Jorche Halifax , Ns

Mandy, you're a DANDY!! Rooting for you today, as is all of Canada! We are so proud of you and just do your best!! GOOD LUCK!!
Janet RobbinsPike Bay , Ontario

Hi mandy, very proud of you. You are an inspiration to us all by staying true to yourself and to God. Keep fighting the good fight! Cheering for you.
Friend of the family. God bless.
Guy BertinMoncton, NB

Everyone from Sooke Boxing Club is cheering you on Mandy. We know this is your time. Enjoy every moment of this experience!!! Believe....we do!!
Sooke Boxing Club Sooke, BC

I'm so excited n pumped seeing u on TV in Rio. I think its great that u r sharing ur experience with the world through Mandymadness. Ur n inspiration to so many, myself included 🙂 the things u get to experience people can only dream of. U work so hard n deserve the best this World has to offer. I know ur bringing home the Gold n can't wait to see it. Best of luck n enjoy every moment of this!
Taveena Kum Kitchener , Ontario

bonjour suis la maman de kim,klavel,,je te souhaite bonne chance et contente de t'avoir vue affronter kim a montréal..tu est une excellente boxeuse .une inspiration ,,alors fait ce que tu a ,,a faire,,vit ton dream et soit a la hauteur de toi te suis et te supporte ,,bon combat et focus .....
Linda Caron kim klavelcanada, quebec

Continued success tomorrow ......our little boxing club in Speedy Creek is cheering you on
Good luck from Vic-Tory Boxing Club
Carol Low Swift Current , Sask

Way to go in your first win at Rio Mandy! Keep kicking ass and making your entire country proud! Fight hard and have fun! - From myself and all of my athletes at Four Corner Boxing! #MandyMadness
Dylin ClarkeNorth Battleford, Saskatchewan

Hey its steve Kodiak from prince george!!
StevePrince george, British columbia

I have only had the pleasure of watching you fight a few times but every time has been a treat. Sending you some positive vibes. If you do your best I know you can capture gold your footwork and hand speed is amazing but most of all live in the moment and enjoy yourself have fun we are at our best when we are in a joy state. Much love keep up the good work no matter the outcome you have accomplished so much.
Tristan Fredeen Medicine Hat , Alberta

Good luck! I believe in you! Go go go Mandy!
Maryamontreal, quebec

Fight the good fight! Go get 'em we are.praying for good vigour, strong focus.
Sam &Linda HeadKitchener, On

Good luck for tomorrow! Thinking of you. Do your best, enjoy every moment and smile. It's all about the journey, as they say:-)
Ex karate athlete
Melanie Laval, Quebec

I am proud of you, Kitchener Waterloo is so proud of you! Good luck tomorrow. Your an inspiring young woman and an incredible inspiration to the young female boxers! Go Mandy Go?
ArmandaKitchener, Ontario

Can not wait for tomorrow, I am ditching work early to wach your match. Good luck and kick butt for Canada
Michael knightLondon, Ontario

So proud to see you at this level I am going to miss the fight tomorrow cause of work but I know you can do it and you don't need me to tell you that or anyone else Just give it your girl power and embrace the experience of being a Olympian and know this guy will be watching and cheering and totally enjoying your dream cheers and breathe
ViniKitchener , Ontario

Very excited to watch your bout tomorrow morning Mandy !!!! You are such an inspiration to the Boxing community and to all of Canada 🙂 Sending you all the best wishes for this bout. Go KIck some Butt tomorrow Mandy. WE will be cheering loud for you 🙂 🙂 🙂 Go get her Mandy !!!!!!!!
Arnold McEwenHope, BC

Best wishes to you at the Olympics!! Knock 'em out....
David SweeneyAjax, Ontario

Good Luck Champ, you got this!
Ron EstrellaBrampton, Ontario

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow at 10:15 a.m. (Maybe I can someone secretly stream the coverage from work lol). GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
TerryWaterloo, Ontario

Good luck tomorrow! You'll do great! The Ferguson family in Manotick will be watching tomorrow and cheering you on. #letfistsfly
Peter FergusonManotick, Ontario

I watched you train Mandy and Have followed you with much interest. You didn't give up and I so respect that. You are an awesome athlete who can accomplish a big win at the Olympics. I know that you can match at a time. We here in Kitchener are cheering you on and wishing you the medal you so richly deserve. We are 100% proud of you! Keep it up and GO FOR THE GOLD! Bless You!
Nicole RasmussenKitchener, Ontario

Good luck Mandy! We're cheering for you!!!
MargaretBreslau, Ontario

Hi again,
Taped your fight. Watched it several times. I go to your site everyday and seem to find another gem. Thank you for sharing so much. Canada is lucky to have you representing them. You are a world class boxer and an even better person. Stay strong, stay focused and I know good things will happen.
Go Mandy go from all your new fans in Alberta.
Bob MastinSundre,, Alberta

Wish you all the very best!
C.R. SelvakumarWaterloo, Ontario

Dear Mandy,

The time has finally come to unite with competitors from around the world and celebrate the accomplishments, hard work and perseverance it has taken to get to the Olympics.

You demonstrate the very best of what Canada has to offer and we are so proud to have you representing us so well on the world stage. When you are competing, know that all of Canada is cheering you on from home. Most importantly, enjoy this unique experience!

Best wishes,

Marwan Tabbara, M.P.
Marwan Tabbara Kitchener, Ontario

MANDY...we are all so very proud of you. You got this girl!!! We are all behind you cheering you on. Go get that GOLD!!!
EmmaKitchener, Ontario

Way to be Mandy. Love the attitude coming out of the first fight - use every advantage you can find when you meet your next opponent. Stay with it, Waterloo is behind you.
AndrewWaterloo, Ontario

I met you at the firefighter Christmas party. I am Jason Zingers partner. We chatted about syd's fit and boxing. My daughters are both in boxing now and loving it!! We are cheering you on! My daughters, Kate and Tessa, hope to meet you one day.
We will be watching Tuesday and cheering you on!

Robin RalstonElmira, Ontario

you go girl!! we are all so proud of you. good luck!
juliamoncton, new brunswick

Way to go Mandy! Keep up the good work. I remember you from Brunswick Bowl slinging beer lol!
JeffKitchener, Ontario


I wish you the best of wills! Overall I hope you enjoy your trip have fun and continue to perform like the Champion you are!!

Best of "Wills!" to you!

Most of all thank you for your own encouragement & friendship you have to and with Deedra Chestnut!

You're a great example to all the women in sports not just boxing I'm sure of!!

We appreciate you!

Irving Chesntut
Irving ChestnutLondon, On

Hey Mandy! Congrats on the first win, but more work to get done! The entire Schmalz family (30 of us) is back home cheering for you as is the whole community and country!!!
Go get it girl!!! Say Hi to Reid. Schmalzy @ KFD.
Kevin SchmalzKITCHENER , ON

All the confidence in the world in you, you have worked so hard for this, this is your time! So proud of you representing our Country!
KatePalmerston, ON

Feel the weight of the entire country behind every punch. Competitors watch out. Mandy is coming, and Canada has her back!
ScottGuelph, Ontario

Go, Mandy, Go! We know you can do it. Make Canada stand up and cheer again!! #Rio2016 #proudtobeCanadian
Maria Minutillo Kitchener , Ontario

Great fight Mandy! Go for Gold!
David EschToronto, Ontario

Pam PurdyAngus, Ontario

Good luck Kitchener and all of Canada ate behind you.
Doug GrahamKitchener , On

Good luck Mandy, go for Gold! All of Kitchener is behind you, and so proud of you.
sara pilkeykitchener, ontario

You go girl
GregKitchener, Ontario

Congratulations on your first big win! You'll rock on Tuesday!
Elizabeth ClarkeKitchener, Ontario

Great match yesterday! Good luck on your next match. Kitchener-Waterloo is behind you. Go, Mandy!
Karen BustamanteWaterloo, ON

Representing ! So pleased for you. Go Mandy.
Diane Kitchener , On

We are so proud of you We are cheering loudly for you. You can do this. You are the best.
Jan and DisieKitchener, ON

Good luck in quarterfinals! You did great in you last match, you got the momentum, you got this!!!
Gaetan R SavoieMoncton, NB

You have made all of KW send Canada proud. Keep going and make us even prouder. Congrats.
Larry MulligaWaterloo, Ont

Way to go girl, all the best for your coming event
NitaWaterloo , ON

May the force be with you Mandy!!!
PeterKitchener, Ontario

Way to go Mandy.....well done! You are an inspiration to all your fellow Canadians! All the best and good luck in Rio the rest of the way!
Bernie and Brenda HoworthNew Hamburg , Ontario

Just being there you have achieved so much , making us proud .
John WatkinsKitchener, Ontario

Enjoy your Journey to the top! We will be cheering for you all the way. Best of luck from the Varga family
Hannele, John and Tyler VargaKitchener, Ontario

Good luck Mandy, we are in your corner, will be watching your journey in Rio

Barb RipleyKitchener, Ontario

Win or lose , you are a devoted Champion. Best of luck from our family . We are all behind you. Go Go Ms. MADNESS !!!
MarcoLaval, Quebec

Float like a butterfly and sting like a Bee.. Love your back peddling. Well lets put Kitchener on the globe. ( Canada )
carlaAjax, ontario

Hey Mandy good luck on your journey in the Olympics , proud of you my daughter is a big fan.
Debbie singhKitchener , On

Hey, a little late of a message but good luck in the quarter finals!! Hopefully you can bring back the gold!! Love and support from Moncton!!
Sam Holt Moncton , New Brunswick

“To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.” – Sugar Ray Robinson

All of Canada believes in you
mikeKitchener, ontario

I am very proud to say that I work with your brother Eric. God is on your side keep those hands up. God Bless You!
Pius RyanMilton, Ontario

Fight for the Gold metal and bring it home for Cananda ! We are all rooting for you ! Good Luck !!!!
Denise Scarborough , Ontario

you are awesome cant wait to see with the gold medal and if you dont get a medal you are still represting canada and you did your best but ALL my friends are cheer you on you have lots of sports this year then ever you are awesome even though i said that twice i mean it
alicia bujold kichener, CANADA

Great fight Mandy! Congrats on your first win at the games! Can't wait to watch you fight on Tuesday! =-D
CecyKitchener, Ontario

Keep on shining from your heart, win or lose you're an inspiration to others following your passion. Keep up the shining!! <3
Jules Kitchener , On

Keep up the knockout in Rio!!!
TerryKitchener, Ontario

Wearing my Team Bujold T for the win 🙂 go Mandy! Del
DelWaterloo, Ontario

WAY TO GO MANDY !!!!!! Great bout girl 🙂 Congrats on your march to GOLD !!!!!!!
Arnold McEwenHope, BC

Great job today, Mandy.
You represented Canada well.
So excited for you.
Standing with you in every way.
Go girl, go.
Laura EmmersonWaterloo, Ontario

We are all cheering you on Mandy good luck my daughter Allison goes to sydfit and truelly loves the people she has meet there.
DIANA BOURKEWaterloo, Ontario

Congrats Mandy on your first big win from Rooymans Mercantile @ Work Place One ..... Kill it the rest of the way! #mandymadness
Rooymans Mercantile Kitchener , Ontario

Congrats on Win #1! Keep it going.
Gary DravesKitchener, Ontario

Go all the way Mandy!!
Mike AbbottWaterloo, ON

So proud of you, Mandy! The sky's the limit - the whole office was on our feet!
Samantha EstoestaKitchener, ON

I work with Maria in Dispatch at Enbridge. You were amazing! Will be cheering you on with all of the other Dispatchers.
Irene PearceScarborough, Ontario

You were so composed! Amazing! Can't wait to watch the next fight!!!!
Alicia ThomsonCambridge , Ontario

Making Canada proud!!!! Good luck Mandy
StephanieWellesley, Ontario

Thorold is watching!! #love your curls #curly hair. .a#curl ambassador client too#Rio 2016 #boxing
Lily & Maggie WeirThorold, Ontario

Amazing fight!!
EricaNewmarket, ON

CONGRATULATIONS on winning your first bout in RIO!! Way to go!!
Carolyn KeeryKitchener, ON

Congrats on your first round win. Going for Gold!!!!
Michael MalcolmWaterloo, Ontario

Wishing you the fight of your life this morning Mandy! We will all be cheering for you here at Enbridge!
Geri SuginomoriPickering, ON


(I'm a friend of Leo's)

Neil DolsonNorwich, Ontario

You got this girl! We cant wait!
Alicia ThomsonCambridge, Ontario

Sending all my strength to've got this!
Caroline RobicKitchener, Ontario

can't wait till the match! go Mandy!!! ㅎ_ㅎ
kai yoonkitchener, ontario

Good luck Mandy!!!
Mike BennettKitchener, Ontario

Only about another 45 minutes until your fight Mandy! We are all set to go here at the church office - got the largest computer monitor set up to watch your fight live - Jasmin, Pastor Debbie and I are ready for the party! We are behind you all the way! Go for GOLD!
Ina TizzadKitchener, ON

Hey Mandy, I remember supervising you at Tim Horton's in Kitchener in the early 2000's when you were a teen and really starting to excel in your boxing career. Now look at you!!! We are all so proud of you and wish you all the best today! Really awesome to see you representing. Congrats on your achievements so far 🙂
ChristinaKitchener, Ontario

Best of luck in your match today. UW is cheering for you!

Paul Penner
Conrad Grebel University College, UW
Paul PennerWaterloo, ON

More than your talent that is obvious, it's your personality, particular your poise, that struck me. You've got the stuff of leaders!
AliceKitchener, ON

Hey Mandy!!

Love and Prayers are being sent your way this morning for your first match. We'll be looking for Mom and Dad in the audience as well!!
Go Get Em!!!
Becky (igc)
Becky AvinaKitchener, Ontario

BE TOUGH today. The community is cheering you on this morning.
Marie VoisinNew Hamburg, ON

Go Mandy Go !!!! I will be watching and cheering loudly 🙂 Good Luck, Kick some butt and have fun !!!!!
Arnold McEwenHope, BC

Go Mandy !!!!
Stephan Bujold Kitchener, Ontario

Go Get her today girl!
Karla McConnellKitchener, Ontario


Today, the dream you have been working towards since your teens will be fulfilled as you enter the ring at Rio2016! You will be surrounded by family, your boyfriend and your closest friends in Rio and literally thousands in the City of Kitchener and across Canada who will be there with you in spirit. I know you will do all of us proud, and most of all, you will shine and give it your best! Make the most of the entire Olympic experience. It will stay with you for your entire life. And know that you have and always will, make us #KTownProud!
Mayor Berry VrbanovicKitchener, ON

We wish you all the best in Rio! Rock this match #MandyMadness #Rio2016 #Olympics
The Morning BuzzKitchener, Ontario

sending you good luck vibes from KITCHENER!!!!!!!!!
LaceyKitchener, Ontario

Knock them out Mandy! Praying for your success!
LaVerneKitchener , Ontario

This is your day! Your hard work will be rewarded . Cheering today from Lake Huron!
ELOISE JANTZIKitchener, Ontario

You go girl. We are all cheering for you and we know you have got this. Bring it home Mandy!
Alice DunlopCambridge, On

Best of luck Mandy in Rio! Bring home the GOLD!
Paul GreenToronto, Ontario

Go go, Mandy, t'es la meilleure! On est en pensée avec toi! Xoxo
nadine filionSt-hippolyte, Québec

Good luck.....make us proud. We will all be cheering you on. Awesome to have a local chick kick ass. Show em what Canadians are made of.
AmandaKitchener, Ontario

Mandy you are a true inspiration to others who are trying to reach their dreams of Gold. Your determination and love for Boxing truly shows. We pray that you fulfill your dreams. REACH FOR THE GOLD. Hugs and best wishes in Rio.
Grant and Julie DonovanToronto, Ontario

You've got this, Mandy! Punch her a bunch 🙂 #MandyMadness #Rio2016
Brad MooreKitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

Good luck Mandy
I know you can do it Bring it home Gold.
Luis RaposoCalgary , Alberta

Go Mandy Go...Canada loves you.. Kick some butt out there!
Shawna LeBretonLakeside, New Brunswick

Cheering for you in Rio Mandy !! Knock'em out!!
Franca RomitaVaughan, Ontario

Good luck Mandy!!!!!
sonya (little short stop)cambridge, ontario

Gd luck at rio16
Willy & nicole kirklandKitchener, Ontario

Hey Mandy
Good luck tomorrow !
We are behind you and you are an inspiration to so many.
I saw you at sydfit one day and you were awesome
Thanks for representing our wonderful country !
Sandy Hondt Waterloo , Ontario

Not just Canada proud... not just Ontario proud but KITCHENER PROUD!!

CandiceKitchener, ON

you're making us proud back at home - best of luck tomorrow!
SuzanneKitchener, On

Inspire, commit, young ladies everywhere will benifit from your commitment. ..GO GET THEM
ShadowofNineVancouver, BC

Love the Olympics, love the athletes, love boxing. Competition at the highest level, good luck
Douglas MarksBurnaby, British Columbia

You are amazing! Just wondering how you got into boxing knowing that you were going to be petite. As someone close To your size it is so amazing to have you as a role model for my girls and so many who are led to
Believe they are too small for anything except gymnastics!
Bonnie Detroit, Michigan

Good Luck Mandy from the Memeber of Parliament Marwan Tabbara!
Marwan tabbaraKitchener, Ontario

Hi Mandy,
We are so excited for you on this amazing journey. It's great that you now have a personal entourage there to cheer you on.
Wishing you all the best of luck in your match tomorrow morning. Now, if I could only find a bar to watch the match in. I guess they don't serve at 9:15am.
I'll have a beer in honour of your efforts. Can't wait to watch the match. Good luck!!!

Tim, Martha, Anders, and Bronwyn
Tim and Martha DuncanKingston, Ontario

The countdown to your first Olympic bout is down to HOURS, unbelievable!! We are so proud of you!! The years of hard work, determination and talent has brought you here to this level, and to this moment! Thanks for sharing with us your 'Mandy Minutes'-so appreciate hearing little bits of your experience at Rio (almost feels like one of our 'running' chats!). Remember-you have all of us in your corner, always!!! xo
Crystal, Lance and the Hughes Boys!Kitchener, Ontario

Way to go Mandy, you are a true inspiration for many. Best of Luck.
TracyKitchener, ontario

Proud to have a UW girl at Rio Mandy. Wishing you success in the ring and beyond. Go get em!
AndrewWaterloo, Ontario

Go Mandy Go! We're proud of you!
Jackie AdamsMoncton, NB

ONE MORE SLEEP! proud of, and excited for you - can't wait to watch you win : )
Nicole Reilly Kitchener, ON

Proud to be a part of #TeamBujold! Dedication. Commitment. Excellence. Focus Mandy you are inspirational. Enjoy the experience and thank you for representing Canada!
Jeff Kitchener, Ontario

On behalf of all of us in the Faculty of Arts at UW, I hope you have a great Olympics. We are all so proud of you.
Douglas PeersWaterloo, Ontario

Whooop some butt for me mandy LETS GOOOOOO!!!!
Marlon DixonToronto, Ontario

The best of luck from all the gang at Cabbagetown....bring it home Mandy!!!!!
Peter E.WylieSt.Catharines, Ontario

GO MANDY GO! We're cheering for you!
Ben Tiffin-SzeKitchener, Ontario

Hey Mandy,
Great to listen to your blogs on your website. Sounds like you are really enjoying the experience.
Mandy, I want to wish you the best of luck. I know that you could not be more prepared than you currently are and the chips will lie where they lie.
Your hard work and determination should be an inspiration to us all. Plus, your ability to always seem to remain grounded makes you an exceptional person.
I truly hope that you enjoy the overall Olympic experience. Make sure to take it all in as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for just a select few.
Mandy, no matter the outcome you have already made us proud.
Go get em,
Chris KitchenKitchener, Ontario

Hi Mandy:
Who would have thought back in 2000 that one day you would be competing at the Olympics! What an achievement! I will be watching all the events and I know that with God in your corner, you already are a winner! All the best!
Therese Donelle
Therese DonelleMoncton, New Brunswick

Dear Mandy,
We are all rooting for you as you get close to competition in Rio. Although you don't know me, my family, friends and colleagues personally, please know that we have been following your career and are very proud that you are representing Canada in Rio - and everywhere else.
Minto SchneiderKitchener, Ontario

Hi Mandy,
I'm a big fan of the type of people that aspire to be Olympians. I was trying to follow the Olympics and the athletes and luckily stumbled across your site and your daily videos. Thank you so much for taking the time to share a little of your life, your journey and a behind the scenes look at Rio. I've looked at everything I could find about you and feel so proud Canada has people like you representing them. Thank you. I will be watching your fights with keen interest. Best of luck from me and your many new fans in Alberta. We all hope your hard work is rewarded with a medal, but we will be proud of you no matter what. If you are happy with your effort, we will all be happy and If you do your best I'm sure good things will happen. Go Mandy Go.
Bob and friends.

Bob MastinSundre, Alberta

So very proud of you. I will be staying home from work to watch your fight with the wife and kids. It's so cool I will be watching you at the olympics, wow. Good luck I will be cheering you on.
Daniel GallantMoncton, New Brunswick

Hey Mandy, Just back in the office today after 3 weeks vacation in NL! Been catching up on your emails and checked out this site. Was keeping up as much as I could on vacation - through your facebook. Jasmin, Pastor Debbie and I will be gathered around the largest computer monitor here in the office on Friday morning cheering you on as you fight your first round in Rio! GO FOR GOLD Mandy! You are loved and covered in prayer.
Ina TizzardKitchener, ON

Good luck Mandy!
The nation of Canada is very proud of you.
Emanuel tosteToronto, Ontario

Can't wait to watch the fight on Friday!!! We will all be watching from our office! GO MANDY!
Alicia ThomsonCambridge , Ontario

We are behind you all the way Mandy. Keep focused. Stay strong.
Michael MalcolmWaterloo, Ontario

So happy to see you made it to RIO , healthy and ready to compete.
Hope you take the time to enjoy this experience to the fullest !
Really looking forward to watching you fight !
Your wit and skills are amazing and you leave it all in the ring !
Thank you for all the entertainment and representing Canadians !

Love ya Mandy ..go get em girl !!

bert leblanc Moncton, NB

Hi I am Ethan Hopkins gf u r his moms cousin i am Emilie i am ur biggest fan!
EmilieBrantford , Canada

We're cheering for you Mandy! You coached my son Jordan Brooks for Agency Wars 2015, and he has tremendous respect for you. Go for the gold!
Cameron ValeToronto, Ontario

Good Luck. Just bought a towel to support your run!
Chris MathewKitchener, Ontario

Good luck on Friday Mandy. You can do it gf
HeatherKitchener, Ontario

Show the world that Canadian women kick butt
Eric Wiener Kitchener , Ont

Regardless of whether or not you have relations going back to Ansonville (Iroquois Falls}, On. and if so would be my cousin, I am cheering and watching you and all Canadian athletes very intently. I support you all and I pray for you all. Good luck and God bless.
Doug BarkerKirkland Lake, ON

Extra good luck Mandy!. Good bless you.
DilcieKitchener, Ontario

Go Mandy Go!! Your amazing and inspiring.
Jay WaytCambridge , Ontario

Good Luck Mandy! We will be watching from home with our 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter. Can't wait for them to see what a strong woman can accomplish!!!!! We are all cheering for you and for Canada!!!
Carli ParsonsKitchener, ON

Praying for you and wishing you great success at the 2016 Olympics
Mercy ChinakeKitchener, Ontario

Mandy, you are a Champ! We are so proud to have you representing our great country on the greatest sport platform in the world. You are a wonderful Ambassador. We are cheering you on!!!

Harry and Karen NunnBarrie, Ontario

We're rooting for you! Wishing you good luck at Rio 2016! Knock 'em dead. Go team Canada
Sterling Bromhead Kitchener , Ontario

All the best in Rio
We are all cheering you on at our house!
Marrianne Kodric Kitchener, Ontario

Your boxing community is so proud of you and cheering for you all the way to gold! Yeah yeah yeah
Vanessa Toronto, Ontario

You got this!
Angela Pause Kitchener , Ontario

Hi prayers are covering you. You are amazing.
Melinda brubacherElmira , Ont.

Good luck Mandy! I personally have seen some of what you have done to prepare for your tournament of a life time, and in seeing what it took for you to get to the Olympics I know just like I knew at the pan am games that the GOLD is yours! I have seen the determination you have, some of the struggles you gone through and the sacrifices you made.
Just know...this that not only do you have a great team behind you but that you have All of Canada behind you! Bring home the GOLD! And the gnocchi are on me!!
Rocco DelisoWoodbridge, Ontario

Wishing you all the best, go for the gold. Go Canada Go!!
Joanne KunejewBrampton, Ontario

I know that you can do it, and you will do it.
Eric ChanToronto, ON

Hey there sweet friend- please know that our love and prayers are with you as you GO FOR GOLD ! May the Lord be with you in every way to give you strength,energy, skill and peace in the middle of much stress and tension. We are very proud of you for for discipline and dedication. May God bless and keep you in His loving care. love from Star and Phil Harman
Star and Philip HarmanOngata Rongai Kenya, East Africa

Good Luck Enjoy the Olympics xo
Joan Maslen Kitchener , Ontario

Wishing you all the best in Rio! Good luck!

Americo Toronto, Onatrio

I wish you the best of luck on your quest for another gold, you have the support of the greatest nation in the world behind you
Ethan BoppellDrexel hill, Pennsylvania

Good luck in Rio Mandy ! You have all of the traits of a great Olympian. You do Canada Proud.
Greg Murdoch Kitchener , Ontario

Mandy go out there and kick some butt! remember attitude is everything so always remember that if you think you can, YOU WILL go Canada go! so good luck out there we are all with you
peter loganbrandon, manitoba

My sister is Laura Emmerson, she sent me your website so I could fillow your schedule in the Olympics. Hope & pray with you for great success. God speed.
glenda wrubelLAKE CITY, Florida

Go Mandy Go! So proud that you are representing Canada. What an accomplishment that you are at the Olympics. Your hard work and determination have paid off and you didn't give up. You will be an inspiration for many young girls!!!
Lori Waterloo, Ontario

Good luck Mandy! Canada loves you!
FloKitchener, Ontario

We're all behind you so ...
Full speed ahead and hit where it counts!
This is it! Go Girl Go!!!
Gord DearbornKitchener, Ontario

Watched you at the opening Ceremonies !!! Saw your interview with Heather . You look great Mandy. I hope you have the time of your life 🙂 You deserve it after all your hard work and dedication. Make every moment of everyday count. Go Mandy Go !!!!!!!!!!!
Arnold McEwenHope, BC

Hi Mandy, I am a friend of Jane Black and have heard all about your accomplishments. I want you to know my family, friends and I in Fonthill and Fenwick are cheering for you! In our minds you are already a champion and your accomplishments are amazing! On to GOLD?
Lyn TaylorFenwick, Ontario

The west cast loves you, good luck on your amazing adventure we are so proud of you and all our Canadian athletes
Beverly Yates Nanaimo, Bc

Opening Ceremonies are amazing! Your interview was awesome!!! You speak so beautifully and graciously! Hope you planted your tree! Canada is so proud you!! ??
Kelly Widmeyer Waterloo, Ontario

What a wonderful interview. All of Canada is cheering for you!
Mitchell ForemanThornhill, Ontario

Great to see you on TV tonight..... Hope you have a great Olympics!!! My prayers are with you in all aspects of this adventure.. health, training , safety, competition and victory! Thanks for all your support while I dealt with my means alot to me and I am so proud of you!!!
Chris DuncanKitchener, Ontario

Mandy I would wish you good luck in Rio but you don't need got this girl! You are making Canada proud.
JenniferToronto, Ontario

Go get 'em, girl! Kitchener is root for you!
Ray de Boyrie Kitchener, ON

Hey Mandy we love you and our house is praying for you as you go through this experience that it would be the experience of a lifetime and that you bring back some gold!! Go get em Champ!!!
Mark, Hannah, Melodie And Heidi HarmanKitchener, Ontario

My daughter trains at Syd's gym in Kitchener and met you there. She is so inspired by you - your strength, your smarts, your attitude, your smile, and your drive to win. Thanks for being an inspiration to young women. You are already a winner to us...and we can't wait to see that medal when you bring it home! You can and you will. We believe in you! GO MANDY!
Tonikitchener, ontario

Cheering loud and strong for you Mandy. You can do it. We are proud of you.
Susan Bennerkitchener, ON

Go Girl Go!
Wishing you great success at the Olympics Mandy!
Canada love you .
George Shamoonwaterloo, Ontario

Hi Mandy,
As a member of IGC church I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the Best in your Competition.

We are praying for you and for sure you will come out Victorious in Jesus Name.

Rose Wanyonyi

RoseKitchener, Ontario

Go get'em Mandy! We"ll be cheering you on from home and watching for you in the opening ceremonies tonight! You're the best!
Maddy LinklaterNeyaashiinigmiing , ON

Yay Mandy!!!

You are going to Rock Rio!!! We are very proud of you!!! Go for the Gold, you can do it!!!
Alan QuarryKitchener, Ont

The Magnificent Mandy! Punching her way to gold - one opponent at a time! Can't wait to watch from home!
Jeff RothKitchener, Ontario

We are so proud of what you have accomplished. God will keep you strong and sharp...and He will see you through. We believe in you! Blessings and prayers always!!
John and Rosie KellendonkKitchener, Ontario

Hi Mandy!

Best of luck to you! Everyone back home in the KW area is especially cheering you on! Your drive and hard work is inspiring to everyone, but most of all to the young kids who are aspiring athletes.

Live and enjoy every minute of your dream-that-came-true over the next two weeks!!

The Ball Family
Mary BallWaterloo, ON

Good luck Mandy! We will be cheering you on from Canada! We are so glad you have so many people going to Rio to cheer you on in person!
Martha and Tim Kingston, Ontario

Hi Mandy! Count on prayers and best wishes for you participation in the Olympics! We are very proud of you!
Francisco CruzKitchener, Ontario

Best wishes for your quest for gold Mandy! You will hear loud cheers from Kitchener and Canada!

Bridget DavidsonKitchener, Ontario

Best of luck Mandy!!! Thinking of you and we'll be cheering you on from back home!! Enjoy every minute of this experience! 🙂
Lucy OatesGuelph, Ontario

Go Girl Go!
Wishing you great success at the Olympics Mandy!
Odette D.Oakville, Ontario

Hello Mandy

Very inspired by your commitment and dedication, it is awesome - Jane is your greatest fan and now we're proud to be in your corner and excited to be cheering you on ... Good luck and all the best, you deserve to "WIN GOLD"

JanetKitchener, Ontario(ON)

Mandy - on behalf of the Athlete of the Year Program - Kitchener-Waterloo, Townships of Wellesley, Woolwich & Wilmot, we wish you much success & fulfilment in your pursuit of Excellence at Rio!
Good luck! Enjoy! We are proud!
Kind regards, Jean Howitt, Chair AOY
Jean HowittKitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

I have been following you since my Aunt Jane Black first started posting her pride and love...I jumped in to buy a tee shirt because I love and support the hard dedication it takes to reach this level of athleticism, stand proud Mandy, all those exhausting workouts and training have paid off, you made it to your it's your turn to your best, stay true and know 'em down kiddo oxox
Deborah Lelliott Woodville, Ontario

Good Luck Mandy
We are all proud of you and wish you the very very best of luck!
Georgia BeckDundas, Ontario

We are extremely happy for you as well as very proud to know you. Kathy and I are certain that you win GOLD for Canada.
Stay healthy and happy. Be grateful and thankful for being so gifted.


All the best.

Rick & Kathy Pope
RickKitchener, Ontario

GO MANDY! No one deserves gold more than you...years of hard work and dedication...not to mention you are truly a genuinely wonderful person and role model.
You are doing us proud in Waterloo Region! Sending you love and look forward to being there to cheer you on with your other "superfans"
Jane & KirkKitchener, Ontario

Best of Luck Mandy! I hope you have a wonderful experience and all the best in Rio! Remo
RemoCalgary, Alberta

Good luck in beautiful Rio Mandy!
We are all behind you and we know you will make us proud!
Helena Dias Toronto, Ontario

YOU GO GIRL!!! Wishing you all the best as you "fight" for your GOLD!!
Vicki GreenToronto, ON

We are now heading for a week on a Baseball tour to Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City (BlueJays playing), and Chicago. We are home the 11th. We are taping the Opening Ceremony on CBC and will be watching most nights in the states. We know you are so prepared for Rio and we hope you are able to enjoy some relaxation too. Don't forget to smile and wave to your Canadian Fans! Sending our love!
Jim and Vikki TaitKitchener , Ontario

Bravo Mandy on all you have achieved! Good luck in Rio, we are cheering for you. You are a hero to all women!
Linda KieswetterWaterloo, ON - Ontario

Mandy ...

From your friends at LITTLE SHORT STOP, good luck. We are in your corner all the way! Enjoy the experience!
GerryCambridge, Ontario

Knock them all down Mandy! On behalf of WRBA, we are very proud of you and always in your corner!
Gary DravesKitchener, Ontario

CONGRATULATIONS Mandy on your role as a member of Team Canada at the 2016 Rio Olympics and best of luck in your matches as you represent your community of Kitchener and the Region of Waterloo. Your many fans from "Sports & Scholarships" will be pulling for you in your "Quest for Gold".
John & Brenda ThompsonWaterloo, Ontario

We are so excited for you Mandy. You have worked hard for this and we are so proud of you. We will be looking for you as you walk with your team mates in the opening ceremony. You are awesome. All the best. Colm and Eleanor xoxo
Eleanor KerrKitchener, Ontario

Good luck Mandy you are going to be awesome you have work so hard for this it is time to finally reap the benefits and remember to alsp enjoy the entire experience. Will be watching you and cheering from home
Tina RogersKitchener, Ontario

The staff at Mississauga Fire wish you great success. go get them Mandy
Tim BeckettMississauga , Ontario

Congratulations Mandy on all of your accomplishments!
I was a boxer 20 years ago, now a mom of two awesome kids. I'm a huge advocate of women in sport and have a soft spot for boxing. My family will be cheering you on at Rio, sending you great vibes and celebrating all that you have done to get to this point.
Enjoy the journey. Stand tall and kick butt!
Best of luck Mandy, thank you for representing Canada and being a fantastic role model for women in sport!
Melissa BrownGeorgetown , Ontario

Good luck Mandy women on the move . Show them who is the boss. Wish you all the best during the Olympics and be safe.
carla kwokajax, ont

Best of luck. As the mother of a National Karate Champion.....I know a bit of your dreams and goals. Give it your best. Canada will be watching!
Kendra CampbellCharters Settlement, New Brunswick

So Proud of you Mandy i know make back in 2012. My Family are rooting for here and the states. And my daughter cheering form Heaven. You will always have a special place in my family's heart. Bring home the gold Mandy God Bless
Marcus HockingKitchener, Ontario

I love my baby, this is your time to shine. God will see you through, to the finish line. Love you.
Mandy's MomKitchener, Ontario

It is a great achievement to MAKE IT to the Olympics Mandy! All the best in Rio!
Dave JaworskyWaterloo, ON

Bonjour Mandy je nes sa pas est tu parle francais.i hope you win the rio olmpics boxing
RupeshMississauga, Ontario

I have been an Olympics addict since my mother introduced me to them at 9 years of age. 1976 in Montreal. The fact that in this day and age I can send you a message wishing you luck is very cool. The fact that you live in Kitchener is beyond exciting. Good Luck Mandy. Do your best. Enjoy every minute, no matter what the outcome!!! I'd like to think that if I had been an Olympian that's what my mom would have said to me.
JULIE HAUSE Kitchener , ON

GO Mandy Go....! Good Luck!...
Warren PradoKitchener , ON

Good luck mandy love Aunt Nora hughug
nora bahadoorpeterborough, CA

Praying for God to keep you safe and all the best throughout the tournament
Hilda MundiyaCambridge, Ontario

I am a friend of Milt and Bonnie McIver. Good luck at the Olympics! GO MANDY GO! GOLD IS WITHIN YOUR REACH! CAnadian girls ROCK!
Go Canada Go!
Arlene JamiesonKincardine, Ontario

You got this Mandy! Bring home the gold!
Nicole and DannielleToronto, Ontario

Athletes from Waterloo Region excel and make us all very proud. All of our best wishes as you represent our Country and our Region in this year's Olympics. We'll be cheering back here in Canada!!!
Ken Seiling, Regional ChairKitchener, Ontario

Good luck Mandy. As the Mayor of Wilmot Township, I am sending you best wishes from council and the citizens of Wilmot.
Les ArmstrongBaden, Ontario

Canada is cheering you on!! Good luck!!
Paul WarderKitchener, ON

Wishing you the very best in all of your upcoming matches! Hoping you crush the competition! #Rio2016 #MandyMadness #TeamBujold
Ken FlattKenora, Ontario


Best of luck in Rio, looking forward to watching you represent our country!

Kalob WitzellKitchener , Ontario

Dear Mandy; I am here at the cottage in Honey Harbour on my holidays. I am reminiscing about when I first met you, a 17 years old girl just starting her life dream. This is when you told me your dream was to be in the Olympics one day!!!!!! You did it girl !!! Mighty Mandy, your dream has come true. With hard work and dedication I commend your desire and perseverance to stay the course.
You are someone to be proud of, I am soooooo proud of you Mandy I am bursting with joy for you! Keep those fists moving forward and beat them all to the finish!
Big hug and lots of love
Jeannie MacGregorHoney Harbour, Ontario

I wish you the best of the best on your big day at the Olimpics! Canada loves you!!
ValeriaKitchener, Ontario

Hi Mandy,

Sorry we missed you and Reed on your visits so far this summer. We are cheering for you and will be following. Hope to see you in the fall with that medal around your neck.
Ray & Nora BurnsTobermory - The Fish & Chip Place, Ont

Congratulations on getting to the Olympics, enjoy every minute of it! Canada is behind you 110%, you've go this!!
CarolynKitchener, ON

Good luck Mandy!!! You got this!!!!
Jackie GillionKitchener, ON

Good luck Mandy its been a long road following you since we first met 8 years ago. You come so far. This is your year. Have a great Olympics
Dan MarsonKitchener, ON

You know you can do this, we know you can do this....bring home the GOLD
Mandy....Sonny and Deb
Deborah WongSt Catharines, Ontario

GO Mandy !!!!! You can do it.
JasmineMississauga , Ontario

U go girl i love this site
Paul EckertKitchener, Ontario

Be strong always and enjoy !!! I'm not Canadian, but I love this country a lot !! I which the best for you honey ..go Canada go! ⚘
Zoe Manzanares Edmonton, Alberta

Hey Mandy!!!

Kick ass in Rio!!! I wish you the best of luck over there 😀
NelsonAjax , Ontario

Hi Mandy....... Well the big day is finally here !!! Off to Rio to Represent the greatest Country in the World 🙂 It has been a fantastic journey , following your success this past couple of years. Of course I remember you from our first Canadian National Championships when we all saw what a wonderful Boxing Talent you were !!!! No matter what happens over the next few weeks you are the Champion to all of us in Canada. We are so proud of who you are and the commanding force you have become in the International Ring !!! So I will be following your every move in Rio and wishing you the very best !!! Have fun Mandy , enjoy this experience. Do what you do best girl , and fight with your head and your heart !!! Good Luck and go get them Mandy 🙂 Arnold McEwen ( Retired Boxing BC Coach and fan )
Arnold McEwenHope , British Columbia

Hello Mandy,

I saw this link on Facebook, cool site and I wanted to wish you good luck. So excited that you are at the Olympics, well deserved and much hard work to earn that. Go get what you've been training so hard for all these years....your Olympic Gold medal. I am looking forward to watching all three of you compete via lifestream or tv. Pleasure was meeting you at my boxing club Griffins four years ago when you all trained towards the Worlds at the training camp there. Proud of you.

Take care.
Simone North Vancouver, BC

I wish you the best of luck #iceinourveins#mandymadness Go Mandy!!
Dago OchoaToronto, Ontario

Awesome site for an awesome person! Your posts are so inspiring Mandy, my best!
Adam RochonKitchener, ON

Good luck. It has been an honour to meet you and witness your dedication and determination. All of your hard work will pay off.
Scott StollOakville , Ontario

Knock that Gold medal out!!
KaiKitchener, Ontario

Best of luck Mandy!
Canada will be cheering for you
Tyler RuetzKitchener, Ontario


It has been a pleasure getting to know you. Wishing you all the best in Rio. What an amazing accomplishment! You will do an incredible job representing Canada as you go for gold. I can't wait to watch you in action. Enjoy the experience and take as much of it in as possible.


Nicole StuberToronto, Ontario

You have a heart of gold and already blazed an amazing trail for women around the world - in sport, leadership and life. Be proud, be bold...and believe.
Melanie WitzellWaterloo, Ontario

Samantha EstoestaKitchener, Ontario

Good Luck Mandy! We are wishing you all the best! Go Team Canada!!!!
Alicia ThomsonCambridge, Ontario


Wish Mandy luck in Rio and share it with the world!

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